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FACT: 80% of the men you meet will not be right for you. 

Too often, it takes weeks, months (even years) to find out.

Discover a Smarter Approach.

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    In those important initial dating stages leading to commitment, smart, awesome women like us can very naturally miss and misinterpret critical cues and patterns hidden beneath the surface, even if we speak to a potential partner every single day! We can spend a lifetime cycling through the wrong-fit men until we eventually just give up, or worse, settle for less than we deserve. Uncover Your Soulmate® Fast-Track teaches you a smarter way to date. You will discover what it takes to quickly uncover his true intentions (despite what he says or how things seem on the surface), so you can bypass the BS, avoid dead-end affairs and shorten your path to the soul-satisfying, committed love partner you deserve, without settling!                
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    Learn EXACTLY what it takes for YOU to draw your custom-fit men like a magnet, deeply connect in a way that will make anyone else virtually invisible, and remain in the minds and hearts of the commitment-minded men you want.                                                        
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    Uncover Your Soulmate® Fast-Track is unlike anything else out there.  In addition to teaching you a new way to date, it is specifically designed to help you shorten your path to your "One".  Sometimes, life can get so busy that it's tough to actually make time to find the type of relationship we want. Uncover Your Soulmate® Fast-Track holds your hand, and holds you accountable to getting the love partner you deserve, in as little as 60 days. You will be deeply supported by other like-minded women who have been where you are, and want nothing more than to see you 'happily taken'! You're not just transforming your love life, you're gaining a great support system!

Let's Get You on the Fast-Track!

Here's What You'll Need:

8 Step-by-Step Modules Designed to Accelerate Your Path to "The One" 

In As Little As 60 Days...

Date Smart Fast-Track Intro

Module One

Whether you're an active dater, haven't dated in years, or just starting out, it's time for a RESET! Uncover the deep, must-have essentials you need to thrive in love!

Master the Dating Stages

Module Two

Discover a new way to think, hear and communicate in the critical stages where we miss and misinterpret the most, wasting massive time and energy! 

MPO: The Secret Weapon

Module Three

Learn how to 'virtually crawl' into the mind of each man you meet, and quickly uncover his true intentions (despite what he says or how things appear), so you can bypass the BS and save your precious time and energy for the ones who deserve it!

Create a High-Quality Dating Pool

Module Four

Discover how to work the REAL "80/20 Rule" like a pro, massively stack the odds in your favor, and skyrocket the quality of men in your dating pool who want YOU!  

Become a MUST-HAVE

Module Five

Learn EXACTLY what it takes for YOU to draw your custom-fit men like a magnet, deeply connect in a way that will make anyone else virtually invisible, and remain in the minds and hearts of the commitment-minded men you want.  

Manage the Floodgates!

Module Six

As you master MPO, you'll notice how much your former 'dating desert' has flourished with commitment-minded men who want YOU! Discover how to avoid overwhelm and 'false reads', so you don't miss out on "The One"!

Uncover Your Soulmate

Module Seven

It's the Moment of Truth! Time to start seriously narrowing down and finally choosing the committed love partner you deserve! We've got you! Let's GO!

Advanced Love Secrets!

Module Eight

Special BONUS: Get amazing insider secrets from happy couples who are still going strong and want your new love to thrive and deepen even more! 

A Note from Celeste Stacey:

What I teach in this program changed my life! Before learning what it took to uncover my amazing husband, I went through the RINGER in love relationships! I was overlooked, undervalued, bamboozled and blind-sided! Even when I thought things were going well!  I literally thought something was wrong with me because I kept attracting the same type of guys who all seemed great on the surface! What I didn't realize is how my dating approach naturally caused me to miss and misinterpret critical cues that would have saved me YEARS of heartache. I can't get that time back, but I can help other women save theirs and get the type of beautiful, soul-satisfying love that I enjoy with my husband every day. The type of love that inspires others. The 'old me' NEVER thought I would have that!

My live, virtual workshops are well-received (see what women are sharing below), but not always convenient to everyone's schedule. So, to help as many women as possible discover this lifechanging new way of dating, I created 

Uncover Your Soulmate® Fast-Track, so you can flexibly access and fit it into your unique schedule and life.  I'm so excited to share it with you!

I Want You to Have a Love That Inspires...

What Smart, Awesome Women Are Saying...

I am living my best love life in my 70's.

"I am in my seventies, widowed, and never thought I would date again after a few negative online experiences. I knew it would be nice to meet someone special, but I didn't feel confident dating at my age and didn't trust easily. When I decided to work with Celeste I was completely skeptical, but figured I had nothing to lose by at least trying.  We worked on my mental blocks and blindspots first. Lots of inner work. I never realized how much I was settling and holding myself back until Celeste guided me through that challenging process. It allowed me to heal and prepare for someone fully deserving of me.  Celeste then taught me how to date in a way I never considered before and I started seeing a big change in the quality of men I attracted. I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised that I looked forward to meeting them ALL!  Two months later, I met the man I knew would be the one for me. We are so good together that people who meet us think we've been married for years. We're now going on one year together and planning our future. I am living my best life in love in my seventies! Celeste, I cannot thank you enough! You are wise beyond your years and are a true blessing to me."

- Joy

I used to settle out of fear. No more!

"Before attending Celeste's workshop, I was naïve. I stayed in relationships that were not reciprocal to my needs. I allowed myself to settle for what I thought I deserved, out of fear of being alone. No more! I am now armed with knowing how to decipher what a potential date is really saying, when to move forward, and when to step away!  I will now approach dating with confidence! This experience has been excellent!"

- Cheryl 

I'm so glad I finally invested in ME!

"I’m so glad I finally invested in ME! This workshop has been invaluable! I have a whole new way of dating now, and I KNOW I will find my soulmate now that I know what to focus on and do to get what I want. My advice to any woman on the fence like I was: Invest in yourself! Stop wasting your time on dead-end relationships. Educate yourself, and feel confident in dating, and relationships. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Megan G.

Now I know what to do to find my forever man!

"I am a dynamic woman with a lot to offer a man who is able and willing to not only recognize my strengths, but will also put forth the time and effort to grow a positive relationship, and work out our weaknesses together. I REFUSE to settle for less than I deserve! This workshop showed me the way. Now I know what to do to find my forever man! Thank you so much!"

- Terri 

I Wish I'd known about this sooner.

"I’ve been dating for 12 years and maybe 1 out of 100 guys I see, I will take the time to talk to because 99 seem completely nuts to me!  Now I know that it was my perspective and approach, and how much I was misreading what I saw and heard. I could’ve gone on forever doing things the same way and never meeting anyone I want. I can’t imagine doing that now. I’m too impatient. I wish I’d known about this sooner!"

- Jennifer

I just couldn't see it before. Now I can't ignore it.

"I have a tendency to be closed-minded when dating and only see and hear what I want.  If it weren’t for this workshop, I would have never seen all the things that were completely invisible to me in the men I dated. I just couldn’t see it before until Celeste really broke it down. Now I can't ignore it. This really opened my eyes. Thank you!"

- Tonya 

Is Uncover Your Soulmate Fast-Track Right For You?

this IS not for YOU IF...

  • You are not interested in a committed relationship. 
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself to get the quality you deserve.    
  • You are not open to a new approach, and prefer to keep doing what you've always done. 
  • You are not willing to commit to doing the work necessary to get the outcome you say you want.


  • You are a commitment-minded woman who is ready to find your committed equal.
  • You are tired of missing out and settling for less than you deserve.
  • You feel you owe it to yourself to give your love life the very best chance to thrive.
  • You hate having regrets. You believe in giving it your all. You never want to look back and know you could have taken a different approach, but did nothing. You're ready to open your mind, commit, and do the work necessary to get the outcome you want.

But Wait... There's More!

In addition to the 8 Step-by-Step Fast-Track Modules, including the "Advanced Love Secrets" bonus module, your enrollment includes:

Exclusive Support

Ask questions, share moments, get support, be inspired. Here is where you get additional empowerment to uncover your soulmate!  You'll enjoy exclusive videos and livestreams, insider tips, and support to cheer you on, celebrate your wins, and make the journey even more enjoyable! 



FREE "Uncover Your Unique Attraction Power"

Too often, we don't exactly know what makes us attractive to the men we actually want.  "Uncover Your Unique Attraction Power" guides you step-by-step in uncovering exactly what makes you irresistible to your custom-fit love partner! This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Take advantage of this service while it is available and FREE!



FREE "Fast-Track Dating Profile Analysis" 

If you are currently dating online or have ever thought about online dating, this offer is PRICELESS! Your dating profile plays a critical role in determining who you allow in your dating pool. When you get it wrong, you waste massive time and energy with all the wrong guys who say all the right things. When you get it right, you open the floodgates of the type of commitment-minded men you deserve, who are looking for someone just like YOU!  The "Fast-Track Dating Profile Analysis" is designed to make sure you get it right, so you can attract exactly who you want! This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Take advantage of this service while it is available and FREE!



FREE "Custom-Fit Partner Blueprint" 

The "Custom-Fit Partner Blueprint" is the powerful sanity check we all need at some point in our lives! 'Longevity' in a relationship does NOT always equal Happiness. If you label your relationship "Complicated", you can relate! The truth is, at the heart of the most soul-satisfying, supportive, committed love relationships is compatibility. In more ways than one!  The "Custom-Fit Partner Blueprint" is designed to lay bare the true potential of a burgeoning love relationship based on who you are now and what you truly want. It will help you determine whether your relationship will truly go the distance in a healthy, supportive, soul-satisfying way.  I want you to have a love that Inspires! This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Take advantage of this service while it is available and FREE!

Uncover Your Soulmate. Start Today. Enroll Now.

We invest hundreds (even thousands) of dollars each year in hair, clothing, makeup... Everything We think it takes to bE attractive, BUT...

none of that matters if wHO and hOW we attract Aren't working for us.  

It's time to invest in the long-term. We can Help.  

Start uncovering your soulmate today. 

  • 8 Step-by-Step Fast-Track Modules
  • Exclusive, Game-Changing Bonuses              
  • Top-Notch Support          

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