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Action. Accountability. Results.

Mission: Maximum Freedom!

I committed...

... to doing whatever it took to create Maximum Freedom in my life, and design a business that inspired and liberated me to live exactly as I wanted, without sacrificing my money, health or sanity.  

It wasn't easy.  Radically redesigning my life was uncomfortable and scary. I made lots of mistakes along the way.  

I struggled to get clients in my new business. Then I got clients with ease, but they were draining and difficult.

In my desire to "help people", I almost lost myself again... Until I finally took a hard stand for the maximum freedom I knew in my heart I could have.  

 I threw away what didn't align with my soul and focused solely on the things that would allow me to work less, enjoy life more, and create radical change in others' lives.  

I combined all my secrets to becoming a "must-have" with my unwavering, fierce stand for maximum freedom, and designed a system that helps struggling small business owners and career professionals have both. I wish someone had anything remotely close when I needed it myself!

Then, it finally happened. I started getting almost perfect, soul-mate potential clients seeking me out, asking to work with me. 


Today, I am enjoying a level of lucrative freedom that the burned-out shell of a woman I once was, could only wistfully imagine. I love the flexibility I have in my business and life. Every client relationship feels like a meant-to-be, perfect fit.

I'm on a mission to help struggling life-changers everywhere leave the grind behind and design lucrative, must-have businesses that inspire, energize and give them Maximum Freedom!

Realize that you found me for a reason. It's time to stop grinding and start LIVING!  

If you're ready to be free, Click here to get on my calendar. Let's Talk.