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Have you reached a point in your life where:

  • You're burned-out, and desperate for freedom on your terms?
  • You're 'mid-life' and think it's too late to change course?
  • Your job pays well but makes you feel trapped?
  • You have dreams for your life, but no time, energy, or focus to achieve them?
  • You're ready to make a move, but feel like you're holding yourself back?

If you are experiencing one or more of the above,

Your excuses may be blocking you from the life you want.

Everything we do in life is linked to our level of dependence on our excuses: The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  External stress complicates life and helps create a dangerous cycle I call, "Excuse-addiction".  Its components:

Ego, Perfectionism and Misplaced Energy are barriers to our freedom!


I'm a Master Strategist, a Sr. Business Intelligence Consultant and a Tension Management Specialist with a combined 20 years as an entrepreneur, corporate consultant, and investor. My value-marketing techniques, powerful data discovery strategies and focused business accelerators help you strengthen your brand, monetize your message and grow your business. NO EXCUSES! If you're tired of delaying your success, SUBSCRIBE NOW! We've got no time to waste!

Yes, I know...

  • There are these little (or big) things we tend to accumulate called 'bills'.
  • And these other things of varying sizes running around called 'kids'.
  • If you're a six-figure earner, there's likely a really big, fat, smelly thing running wild called 'Ego'.
  • And oh yes, right... how about that ever-elusive, slippery rascal called 'time', on which we can never quite get a firm grip?

Are you done? Here's another reality...

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but for the record:


Staying at a job you hate is inexcusable.  Life's too long.


Putting off your freedom, family and joy is unforgivable.  Life's too short.


Being addicted to your excuses makes you do A and B.

There's no 'perfect' time to change direction. 

Join me in moving imperfectly forward! 

I reached severe burnout before finally realizing how excuse-addicted I was. Now I'm accelerating my recovery and I've invited friends who are doing the same. 

Here's what they are saying.  Join us!

Picture a high school student who has tremendous potential, but for whatever reason has decided to just be "average". Celeste is the teacher who works tirelessly to help that student see her own potential and eventually graduate as valedictorian of the class. Celeste is a cheerleader and a drill sergeant all rolled into one. She is organized, knowledgeable, and task-oriented. If you are willing to do the work, Celeste WILL help you accomplish your goals! 

N. Rochester, MD.

Phenomenal!! I was scared, I wanted to give a lot of push back …but Celeste kept pushing us and growing us. If you have an inkling of a dream within you, I would ask you to consider working with Celeste to birth it. I have never met a person so driven for another person's dream to come alive.  Thank you, Celeste, for allowing me to give birth to my 'baby'!  So grateful!

Greta C.

Celeste, I am ETERNALLY...FOREVER...INFINITELY grateful... Because of you, I have accomplished a goal that has been years in the making. You are remarkable! Everyone needs to hear your message.

Dana W.

At the end of my very first session with Celeste, I recall a welcome feeling of satiety. Working with Celeste was a chance for me to address and develop my truths, my thoughts, my desires; it was also an opportunity for me to map out the plan for enhancing my life. It has bound my journeys into a collective that merits and gets my attention consistently. This has made me stronger, wiser, bolder, uninhibited, less afraid, and more confident.

Kelly M.
Durham, NC

Celeste keeps me on the edge, always moving forward, yet always finding the right balance between giving me the space to express myself and a steady guidance that opens new avenues to explore.

Ben G. 
Bowie, AZ

I have gained significant clarity and direction toward my future through working with Celeste. Her unyielding encouragement and support allow me to be fully present and dare to look deeply within myself. She demands that I recognize my strengths and holds me accountable to honor their significance. The confidence I have gained to pursue my aspirations is invaluable.

Jake Q.
Boulder, CO

Celeste has made a major impact on my actions and life. Our work together forced me to take responsibility for the level of importance I gave the goals I badly wanted to achieve but hadn’t made happen. Celeste is all about moving her clients forward. No excuses! I’ve booked more new business in the past five months than in the past two years.

Raya F. 
Clarksville, MD