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Break Your Excuses. Change Your Life.

Excuse Breaker helps busy people age 40 and better, break excuses and change their lives in 90 days. Why? Because we are the best version of ourselves, yet we have the least free time, the least energy and the most excuses! 

If you dream of freedom on your terms but keep putting it off,

JOIN OUR GROWING TRIBE of Excuse Breakers!

Get 'in-box only' content that teaches you:

  • How to build the life you want without sacrificing the one you've built.
  • How to refocus, re-energize, and release your biggest fears about creating what you want.
  • Simple actions you can take now, even with your busy schedule!


Our level of success and satisfaction are directly linked to our excuses about what's possible with our busy schedules. It affects our confidence, our perspective and our ability to create lives we love. We settle for less due to the feelings that hide under three umbrellas: Ego, Perfectionism and Misplaced Energy. Together, they create the perfect storm I call, "excuse-addiction".

Learn More About Excuse-Addiction (click the pic below): 

90 Days to Freedom? You're Ready.

What if I told you that you are the best version of yourself today than ever before? It's absolutely true! Your life experiences: trials, triumphs, lessons learned... have created a version of you today, who can run circles around your 10, 15, and 20-year ago selves! Because you are so seasoned today, it's likely you've outgrown the way you functioned before. Only now, you may have more responsibility: Bills, kids, a crazy schedule... Maybe an important position or lofty income. The trappings of a busy life that leaves you exhausted, unfulfilled and dependent on logical-sounding excuses that say you have too much at stake to change course. Or maybe you've lost your confidence and you've rationalized excuses to give up or hide. What if there was a system of small, simple actions that could change your life in 90 days?

I know it's possible because I'm doing it. I remember looking for a way out. Scouring the web in the wee hours for a safe way to leave the six-figure job I hated, without going broke and ruining my life. There was SO MUCH information out there it was overwhelming!  The thought of having to sort through it all frustrated me even more. Besides being scared to leave my job, I was absolutely exhausted! I had no clue where I'd find the time, energy or focus to figure it all out.  Then, a life-changing family dilemma forced me to create my own plan and figure it out fast!  I was still scared but I was tired of compromising. I knew I was ready to be resourceful and create a life that would allow me to be there for my family. One that would energize me, not exhaust me. I fought the doubts in my head that told me it was too risky to change my life at this point. I took SMALL, SIMPLE ACTIONS EVERY DAY to move in the direction I needed my life to go. Within only 90 days of small actions and shifting my focus, I now work only three days a week, my income has flourished and, most importantly, I'm fully present for my family.  Honestly, I was completely shocked at how I'd changed my life that fast! Me, who used to find every reason to give up when things got hard, actually broke my excuses and just did it!

I discovered that so many of my friends also feel trapped. Maintaining energy and focus long enough to create lives they love is a huge challenge. Most of all, many are afraid. Afraid to change. Afraid to fail. Afraid to try. It became my mission to create clear, simple, 90-day action systems that help mid-lifers like me release those fears, refocus, re-energize, and reinvent the second half of their lives exactly how they envision. NO EXCUSES!  My 90-day systems contain real, to-the-point "how-to" actions you can easily do in your busy life. Small actions that quickly add up to life-changing freedom. It's really that simple.  See for yourself: Here's your first simple 'how to' action:

To know where you're going, you must know where you are: 

(Click the eyeglasses below for this quick, but powerful action!) 

Celeste Stacey

The Excuse Breaker

Action. Accountability. Results.

I create 90-day action systems that break excuses and change lives! I am a Reinvention Strategist, Business Intelligence Specialist and Human Development Professional. I have a combined 20 years as an entrepreneur, corporate consultant, staffing specialist and strategy coach. My sole mission is to quickly move you into the life you want. NO EXCUSES.

O.m.g. this is phenomenal!!!!!! This is exactly right. You're my hero!!!

Michele M.

Celeste, I am ETERNALLY...FOREVER...INFINITELY grateful. Because of you, I have accomplished a goal that has been years in the making. You are remarkable!

Dana W.

As a full-time physician, mother, and wife, I never imagined I would be able to develop a website and launch my own company in less than 3 months. Thanks to Celeste, that is exactly what I did! If you have a dream but your excuses have been holding you back, please consider working with Celeste. You will be forever changed.

Dr. N. Rochester

Phenomenal!! I was scared, I wanted to give a lot of push back …but Celeste kept pushing us and growing us. If you have an inkling of a dream within you, I would ask you to consider working with Celeste to birth it. I have never met a person so driven for another person's dream to come alive.  Thank you, Celeste, for allowing me to give birth to my 'baby'!  So grateful!

Greta C.

Celeste has made a major impact on my actions and life. Our work together forced me to take responsibility for the level of importance I gave the goals I badly wanted to achieve but hadn’t made happen. Celeste is all about moving her clients forward. No excuses! I’ve booked more new business in the past five months than in the past two years.

Raya F. 
Clarksville, MD

Celeste is outstanding! She keeps me accountable, dedicated and driven in pursuing, achieving and succeeding in my business endeavors. Celeste, thank you for helping me transform my dreams into reality!

Cheryle C. 
Catonsville, MD

At the end of my very first session with Celeste, I recall a welcome feeling of satiety. Working with Celeste was a chance for me to address and develop my truths, my thoughts, my desires; it was also an opportunity for me to map out the plan for enhancing my life. It has bound my journeys into a collective that merits and gets my attention consistently. This has made me stronger, wiser, bolder, uninhibited, less afraid, and more confident.

Kelly M.
Durham, NC

Celeste keeps me on the edge, always moving forward, yet always finding the right balance between giving me the space to express myself and a steady guidance that opens new avenues to explore.

Ben G. 
Bowie, AZ

I have gained significant clarity and direction toward my future through working with Celeste. Her unyielding encouragement and support allow me to be fully present and dare to look deeply within myself. She demands that I recognize my strengths and holds me accountable to honor their significance. The confidence I have gained to pursue my aspirations is invaluable.

Jake Q.
Boulder, CO

Celeste is an EXPERT Breaker of Excuses! She genuinely wants you to be the best YOU possible and with her expertise and directives, I have 'dug deep' in my self-analysis to re-evaluate, re-focus and reveal my path. I now have a clearer direction and am on my way...


Celeste asked the right questions and helped me make sense out of all my thoughts and ideas to actually put them into a plan-of action. Without focus and direction, I would still be lost in a 'sea' of my thoughts, ideas and dreams.I would recommend my friends and anyone who feels unfulfilled to contact Celeste and she will help them to navigate and find their 'reason' and 'why'. It may not even be what you actually are thinking, but Celeste will help you to explore and find it.

What was your experience with Celeste Stacey and Excuse Breaker?
In what ways did working with Celeste save you time in pursuing the life you want?
If you wanted to recommend a friend to Celeste and Excuse Breaker, what would you tell them?

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