Cut the EGO and Just GO!

What if, starting today, you could suddenly see a timer floating just above and in front of you wherever you went? That timer shows the passing moments of your life, in real time. It’s not a countdown, just a timer that keeps running the seconds by. It never slows down and you have no idea when it will stop. But when it does, you cease to exist. You die. How differently would you live your life? What would you change? Would you waste time dwelling on what others might think, or would you just focus on what’s most meaningful to you? Well friend, I’ve got news for you. Your timer has always been there. You just couldn’t see it before today. Now that you know it's there, just above and in front of you, here are 5 tips to maximize the moments your timer is steadily ticking away.

1. Live a Bee’s Life. Have you ever actually watched a bee going about its business in summer? As it enjoys nectar from sweet flowers and pollen sticks to its body, it never seems to notice or care. It just moves on to the next flower, nourishing itself as the pollen falls away. That pollen may breed beauty and life or it may not, but the bee doesn’t stick around to see whether the flower thrives or dies. It just keeps moving; nourishing itself in each moment. Expectation robs joy from the moments of your life. Do your best, shake it off and follow the sweet desires of your heart. Your seeds will bloom where they are meant to bloom.

2. Laugh at yourself. Life’s really all about where we choose to focus our energy. Focus on the positive. Next time you’re feeling overly sensitive, defensive and ready to judge, step back and find the hilarious side of the situation. What must your face look like right now? Is your butt really clinched that tight? Will you really care about this moment 10 years from now? Do you really want to waste your precious moments feeling this way?

3. Take a Social break. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest… Social media is a hotbed of opinions. ‘Likes’, ‘follows’, faces and comments, all designed to either support or oppose your point of view… Or sometimes, ignore it completely. It’s one big experiment in self validation. How much time do you really want to spend in that virtual reality? Or is it a myth? Decide for yourself as you unplug for a week and focus on what makes you feel alive in your own surroundings.

4. Create a vision board. The cool thing about life is that it’s always changing into something new. Regardless of where you are right now, you can absolutely create the life you envision. Collect pictures of the house, car, relationship, body, and lifestyle you want. Insert pictures of yourself in all of those scenarios. Go further by making a short movie using free products like Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. The idea is to visualize the way you want to spend your life starting today.

5. Let GO! Don’t try to control everything. You can’t. See that timer floating just above and in front of you? It’s telling you to just let go and live. Nourish yourself and release the rest. Cut the EGO and just GO!

If you found this helpful, feel free to share. Sharing is caring! You never know whose life you might help change!