Clarify and Monetize Your Genius: NO EXCUSES!

"YOU are MONEY!" takes you step-by-step.

Get essential, actionable information and support you need to monetize yourself so you can leave frustrating work behind! NO EXCUSES!!

  • Develop your Brand, Skyrocket your Credibility and Quickly launch a VALUE-driven business from scratch. Monetize yourself fast. Avoid time-wasters.
    • Learn the Secrets to turning Strangers into Clients that are transformed by your gifts and help skyrocket your business! Learn how to turn your business into a qualified client machine!
    • Experience 'No-Excuse' accountability as you show proof-of-progress and get amazing, excuse-breaking guidance and support with like-minded people (SO KEY!)
    • Break Your Limiting Thoughts: Get equipped with the indispensable skills you need to uncover and break Ego, Perfectionism and Misplaced Energy so you can accelerate your vision like never before! No other program does this, yet it's at the foundation of everything you do, and it absolutely critical to your success!

Focusing the right way will change your life.

Have you always felt you were meant to use your life to serve in a bigger way than what you are doing at your 9-5 ? Do you envision connecting with and transforming the lives of people with your product, service, book, advice, form of entertainment... that comes directly from your heart, mind and unique experiences?  What if you could actually earn a really good living while doing it?  If you are not living that life now, it's absolutely time to crystallize your unique genius and monetize yourself!  

The truth is, at this stage in your life, you are a walking goldmine!  You are the BEST version of yourself than ever before. Yet you likely have the least time, the least energy and the most excuses for why you should continue to do work that doesn't fulfill you and get paid what your job thinks you're worth while doing what your job description says you're capable of doing.

Think about it: How do you respond to a person you meet when they ask, "So, what do you do?" You likely rattle off your job description at work.  From this day on, you will see yourself with new eyes! You will see yourself as the GENIUS you truly are, and you will learn to monetize that talent, life experiences and unique perspective that you bring to the world!

Whether you dream of offering a product, service, a book, entertainment, whatever.... your unique life experiences have prepared you for this moment.   You have everything you need right now, to create income on demand. It's simply a matter of focusing on the right steps, in the right order, using a system that gets the right results.  One that breaks your excuses and radically shifts your focus on your unique gifts and their incredible value.  We vastly underestimate ourselves because our focus is off.

When you focus on the wrong things, your dream falls apart for three reasons:  

  • Time: You tell yourself you don't have enough of it. 
  • Money: You convince yourself you cannot spare it.
  • Belief: You simply don't believe you can do it (you're not clear on the best actions to take to get the right results.)

YOU are Money!  is a wake-up call! A shift in focus that equips you with the essential arsenal you need to break those limiting beliefs. It moves you from "starting from scratch" to creating life-changing value for your ideal customers and monetizing yourself in 90 days like you never thought you could!  The incredible level of support YOU are Money! offers is so important and personal to me.  At its foundation are the tools to help you break through the Ego, Perfectionism and Misplaced Energy that feeds your excuses and prevents you from making your vision happen.  It's time to get clear and monetize yourself!

Among the extensive benefits you receive with YOU are Money!  is the incredible level of support, accountability, and focus on breaking through the Ego, Perfectionism and Misplaced Energy that feed your excuses.  No other program does this. It's the foundation of everything we do. You need a strong foundation to launch yourself.  With powerful laser-coaching, 'tension level' and 'progress-resistance' checkpoints, strict commitment deadlines, no-nonsense accountability and proof-of-progress spotlights, we dig deep, challenge each other and accelerate our success. You will get SUPPORT like none other I've personally seen, and I've seen and participated in some very good programs! Participants of the private forum support each other, give valuable feedback and advice and celebrate each other's wins. We understand we are all in it together! You are guided and supported every step of the way AND experience true accountability for your progress. It's deeply satisfying to know you're not alone! Your success is my euphoria!

What You Get with YOU are Money!...

  • Dynamic Group Interaction. Because each person needs their spotlight and feedback!
  • Bi-weekly, 90-minute live call-in sessions designed for live interaction, individual presentations, and most critically, to teach the system you need to quickly move forward.
  • Between calls, you will use what you learned to make real progress in 2-week sprints. This requires your ACTIVE participation and you must show PROOF of progress along the way!
    • Steadfast Accountability: Excuses are NOT welcome. Dream-building is absolutely required.
    • Distilled (and very personalized) Branding Strategy
    • Accelerated Online Business Creation
    • Accelerated Website Development
    • Accelerated Plan for Growing a loyal "tribe" that values you!
    • Up to 3 individual 30-minute strategy sessions to help you break through mental roadblocks and hone your strategy. (This benefit is available for a limited time!)
    • Live Spotlight Showcases: An exciting way to present your progress and get feedback!
    • Exclusive access to the private YOU are Money! Facebook group to exchange ideas, share challenges, tips and tricks, support, and network with awesome, like-minded people. PRICELESS!

    • Bonus ticket to the "YOU are Money!" LIVE event in 2018!

    What people are saying..

    As a full-time physician, mother, and wife, I never imagined I would be able to develop a website and launch my own company in less than 3 months. Thanks to Celeste, that is exactly what I did! If you have a dream but your excuses have been holding you back, please consider working with Celeste. You will be forever changed!

    Nicole Rochester, M.D., Founder,

    Celeste, you are a beacon... a true Godsend! I am ETERNALLY...FOREVER...INFINITELY grateful... Because of you, I have accomplished a goal that has been years in the making. You are remarkable! 

    Dana Weaver, Recording Artist, Songwriter.

    Phenomenal!! I was scared, I wanted to give a lot of push back …but Celeste kept pushing us and growing us. If you have an inkling of a dream within you, I would ask you to consider working with Celeste to birth it. I have never met a person so driven for another person’s dream to come alive. Thank you, Celeste, for allowing me to give birth to my ‘baby’! So grateful!

    Greta-Marcella, International performer, author, teacher, ordained minister.  Founder,

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you follow the programs exactly, and see no tangible results by completion, I will refund your money within 30 days of program completion. Your success is really important to me. It's the reason I created this program.  I want you to be very happy when you complete it. So happy, you'll want to continue to grow with me and tell everyone you know about it!

    YOU are Money!

    "The ultimate quick-start for busy 40-plus professionals to monetize themselves doing what they love."

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    The ULTIMATE LIVE guided course for ANY coach, creator, contributor, seller, trainer, or service provider.  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

    • Learn how to create structures that deliver consistent customers and money.
    • Create systems that enable you to focus energy on your offerings to skyrocket your income.
    • See your working structures in action and learn to accelerate your profits to become a virtual  'money magnet'!

    Experience your 4-week transformation for only $497.00

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