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Action. Accountability. Results.

Mining Gold. Maximizing Freedom.

Celeste Stacey is a passionate "Business Freedom Mentor" and dynamic Public Speaker.

Known as the "Maximum Freedom Business Coach", Celeste helps overworked, undervalued small business owners and career professionals who crave freedom, transition with ease to part-time, highly-paid, "Must-Have" Mentors, in less than 90 days.  Even if they want to take a new direction.

After suffering debilitating burnout while running a successful, demanding corporate consulting company for close to a decade in one of the most competitive industries in the world, Celeste committed to creating maximum freedom in her life without sacrificing her money, health or sanity.  She radically rewired her thinking, redesigned her life and began mentoring others to success while working less and living more.

Celeste is on a mission to help overworked, undervalued life-changers everywhere work less, live more and have lucrative, must-have businesses that inspire, energize and give them Maximum Freedom!