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Hi! I'm Celeste Stacey. I uncover hidden truths for a living.

As a Business Intelligence Analyst and Mindset Coach, I have spent decades navigating that tricky “fact-feeling” intersection that can trip so many of us up and massively drain our time and energy!  

For over 20 years, I've helped leading organizations uncover hidden insights about themselves and the people they want to attract and keep, so they can thrive. 

Realizing how exhausting dating can be without the benefit of these critical hidden insights (I call it our "hidden language"), I am on a MISSION to share my expertise to help thousands of smart, awesome women bypass the BS in dating, so they can shorten the path to their soulmate. (I found and married mine with the same approach I use to uncover that hidden language!)

From a business perspective, I also know what it feels like to know you were meant for more than what you are doing now. To realize that you are a woman of many dimensions and talents that expand way beyond just one role or label.  You evolve. You transform. Accordingly, you should learn the right way to pivot your expertise to add the most value, without starting over. 

My name is Celeste Stacey, and I am on a MISSION to help smart, awesome women uncover their best lives in love and business, without settling or starting from scratch! Let's GO!

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