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Helping chronically-overwhelmed professionals regain control so they can enjoy life again.


This feeling that I call "The Hum"TM is something I lived with for decades.

It quietly hijacked my life...


The "Hum" feels like an underlying current of mental restlessness that just won't let you feel completely relaxed or at peace. Your mind is always running...  Even when you're resting, you're not completely at rest because you always feel like something needs your attention or you'll fall behind. When you try to focus on one thing, it always feels like it's at the expense of another.  You feel like you're mentally juggling so much that just the thought of it all is exhausting... Sometimes you secretly think, "Is this really my life?!"

Only, you don't quite know how to make it stop so you can feel free.  You don't quite know how to get your life back (or even get one in the first place!).

And, no, the "hum" I'm talking about is not depression, though you may have tried to medicate it.  Won't work. That's like trying to patch a bullet hole with a band-aid. Unless you get to the root cause, you can try to drown it out, but it won't go away.

Getting to the root and digging it out is FREEDOM!  I'm on a MISSION to help chronically-overwhelmed professionals ditch The Hum and thrive!  (Scroll to the bottom to find freedom.)

I love helping individuals and organizations make key breakthroughs. 

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No matter how deep your overwhelm, my mission is to help you find freedom.  

 Click Here to schedule a free, "Release Overwhelm Breakthrough Call".  This is an honest, 45-minute conversation to learn more about where you are now and what you feel is blocking you from feeling free. If we can help, we will show you what that looks like. If not, we will point you in the direction of some helpful resources. Either way, we believe this will be the smartest decision you can make to finally break free from chronic overwhelm so you can get your life back. 

  Reach Out. It's Time.

What professionals who have worked with us are saying...

Life-changing, supportive, mind-shifting, freeing!  Living a life of constant overwhelm (little/low-quality sleep, constant churn, worry) became my normal. I now understand the source, what was blocking me from moving forward, and have the tools, strategies and coaching to help me shift away from that mindset.  It's a reset. Love it! I now have a better, healthier, more stress-free way to live when the Hum starts to rise up and try to take over.  I hear so many people saying they are overwhelmed. This is what they need! 

Excellent. The feeling of becoming mentally "unstuck" is great. This experience has helped me find the correct words to effectively express what I was thinking and feeling. I feel like I've been freed from mental quicksand.  The feeling of a safe space and deep support put me at ease and allowed me to relax right away.  As a man in a high-stress role who isn't accustomed to such support, this was a big deal.  I can confidently say that the Hum no longer rules my life. I am even losing weight since participating in this program. I feel more in control now than I can ever remember.

Before working with Celeste, I was so overwhelmed that I seriously questioned every career move I ever made and wondered if the sacrifices I made were even worth it. I realized that it wasn't the moves I made themselves, but the way I navigated my life in general. The patterns I perpetuated to keep me in overwhelm by default.  I could have gone on for the rest of my life like this and made rash decisions I would have certainly regretted in an attempt to get some relief. I am very grateful that I didn't have to do that. Thank you!

I gained a lot of clarity about MY personal type of overwhelm.  I was able to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a way I never could before because I just didn't have the language. I always knew something wasn't right, but didn't know how to figure out what was happening. I just knew I wasn't happy anymore and life felt like a treadmill of never-ending stuff to do and think about. I feel like I suddenly have a mental translator and a way to navigate what felt like foreign territory. The peace I feel right now is so surreal. I would recommend working with Celeste to anyone!

Excellent. For me, everything starts with the "why". I never truly viewed perfectionism as problematic or understood the breadth of its manifestation apart from spending a little too much time on trivial modifications (to emails, presentations, etc.) in ways that fit my standards, but did nothing to advance the message conveyed. I now see perfectionism is much more pervasive than that. Valuable, interesting, engaging, practical... I can apply this to my life immediately. 10 out of 10.

Working with Celeste and participating in this program has really helped me find myself amidst the overwhelm.  I suffer from perfectionism, procrastination, and struggle with all the "shoulds". I never thought I would ever find a way past this. I am now able to avoid the traps that I routinely set for myself (without guilt!) and enjoy a healthier, mentally-free life again.  I haven't felt this way in decades!

Understanding my procrastination and being able to zero in on it in a given moment makes me feel empowered. I found this very practical and easy to apply right away to better understand and modify my behaviors.

Understanding the foundation of my overwhelm was pivotal for me. It helped me understand why certain "asks" for my time have led to overwhelm. I love that I now know how to navigate it. 

This has been life-changing for me. I have been able to recognize how my own perfectionism and addiction to overwhelm has contributed to my own Hum. I have been able to release the guilt, perfectionism, and feel whole and at peace. Unfortunately, most people feeling the Hum don't feel that they can make time for one more thing in their lives/schedules. When they commit to this experience, it will give them an incredible amount of freedom.

Reach Out. It's Time.

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